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Bicheli is a platform combined business model of O2O, B2B & B2C in sync, it is the Food & Beverage Ecosystem to the 3 key stakeholders of the platform who are: End-user, Merchants and Service providers. For three staekholders the platform developed in an open approach that allow the plateform to easyly intergrate with partners’ services sytem of farming, street vendor, tourism, homestay,reataurant, hotel and grocery store etc.

We will fully provide web, mobile web and mobile application for all. Nevertheless Bicheli is also a website for F & B, tourism information. And where you can buy, sell products and services. Bicheli aims to be the premier online platform for farmers, owner of coff ee hous , restaurants, grocery stores and travelers, professional cooks or hobby cook or housewife.Here you can find the first-hand information about food ingredients, recipes, work cuisine. We connect people who love cook, travel and enjoy nice things in life .

Bicheli is also an online marketplace that brings together buyers and independent sellers of F & B and tourism related services. We, Bicheli have also our owned farm, grocery and restaurant and coffee house.

Please contact us if you need support.